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Knowing Learners Well

Personalized learning is cultivated through a collaborative school-wide culture that results in a shared ethic of excellence. Each scholar is known well by their teachers and mentors beyond academic work. They are taught and nurtured holistically. Scholars progress on a learning pathway unique to them, where they are challenged intellectually to acquire the knowledge, skills, and habits that will prepare them for the future. They are provided with the time and tailored support to meet high expectations.

Scholars build close personal relationships with an advisor and a group of fellow classmates throughout high school. Advisory becomes the heart and soul of the school where close personal relationships often last beyond graduation. Advisors serve as the primary point of contact for the scholar’s family.

Comprehensive Student Assistant Teams (CSAT) serves as an “early warning system.” CSAT is a systematic process for identifying students in need of additional academic, attendance, behavioral, or social-emotional interventions, and for linking students with the supports available to reduce the barriers to learning and increase their school success. Teachers, school staff members, and/or family members may refer scholars to CSAT. Scholars may also self-refer. The CSAT team, comprised of classroom teachers, a school administrator, the school social worker, and other school personnel, met bi-weekly to develop specialized plans for identified scholars, implement appropriate interventions, and monitor their progress.