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Design Team

High School Promise and Odyssey STEM Academy teams were assembled by district leadership to explore successful high school models, develop new high school design principles, and create a graduate profile. Team members, comprised of educators, parents, students, and community members, meet regularly to provide insight into Paramount’s newest high school. High School Promise and/or Odyssey design team members includes: 

Gwen Anctil, Teacher

Alicia Anderson, Member, Board of Education

Kelly Anderson, Principal

Christine Barboza, Teacher

Jose Berdeja, Student

Lisa Bravo, Librarian

Tamera Calero-Hill, Counselor

Luis Caleyca, Student

Benjamin Catano, Student

Martha Cisneros, Parent

David Daley, Director, Special Education

Elda DeLeon, Teacher

Cindy DiPaola, Director Operations       

Maggie Flores, Curriculum Specialist

Gregoire Francois, Director, Secondary Education

Ruben Frutos, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Kelly Garcia, Project Lead the Way Consultant

Leo Gonzalez, Curriculum Specialist

Darin Gray, University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering, K-12 STEM Coordinator

Vivian Hansen, Member, Board of Education

Holly Hennessy, Principal

Sarah Higgins, Program Specialist, Special Education

Durrell Jackson, Curriculum Specialist

Brent Jaffe, Teacher

David Johnson, City of Paramount, Community Services and Recreation

Maria Juarez, Teacher

Morrie Kosareff, Principal

Kevin Longworth, Principal

Melissa Marchesini, Teacher

Christy Marquez, Specialist      

Cinthia McCoy, Teacher

Rosa Medal Martinez, Parent

Alicia Megofna, Vice Principal  

Jessica Montenegro, Parent

Myrna Morales, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

Keith Nuthall, Principal

Barbara Perez, El Camino College, Vice President

Becky Perez, Curriculum Specialist

Jessilyn Perez, Student

Ruth Pérez, Superintendent

Ana Rodriquez, Executive Assistant

Roxana Resendiz, Parent

Nancy Rivas, Curriculum Specialist

Eurkine Robinson, Parent

Honey Robinson, Student

Manuel SanMiguel, Director, Student Services

Ryan Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education

Debbie Stark, Assistant Superintendent, K-8 Education

John Teeples, Teacher

Rebecca Vega, Rebecca

Teresita Zamudio, Parent