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Deeper Learning

The United States job market is changing.  Today's graduates must possess a new skill set that goes beyond basic math and English Language Arts.  Odyssey STEM Academy prepares its scholars by teaching a set of six competencies that students need to succeed in and out of the classroom, including:
Applying content knowledge.  Students master rigorous academic content and transfer to the lessons they learn in class to other subjects and draw connections between what they’re learning and their own lives
Thinking critically. Students identify and seek out information, critically analyze that information, and use evidence to support their conclusions.
Communicating clearly. Students communicate their ideas effectively—both verbally and in writing— and are able to listen to and incorporate feedback.
Working collaboratively. Students cooperate with others to identify challenges and incorporate multiple points of view to reach collective goals. Learning independently. Students monitor and direct their own learning, both in and out of the classroom.
Positive mindsets. Students are excited about coming to school and engaged in the subjects they are learning.