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Our community of learners celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and provides equitable access to programs and opportunities while promoting academic and social-emotional well-being for all. Meaningful ties among community members foster a trusting, caring, and mutually respectful culture. Intentionally diverse and integrated learning environments create a community-wide culture of achievement so that each learner thrives in a multicultural, global society.  

Odyssey STEM Academy offers what is known as a “single pathway” curriculum. There is no course tracking. In this curriculum, all scholars are enrolled in the same coursework at each grade level. The different perspectives that scholars bring to such a diverse classroom create a rich, open learning environment, which has the potential to bring out the best in everyone when managed skillfully. Teachers develop their own lesson plans, projects and materials to give students “multiple points of entry” to the curriculum. For example, teachers will utilize different modes of instruction such as lecture, project-based learning, small group discussion, individual research and writing so that every scholar finds a way to engage with the material. Academic support is tailored to each scholar. Scholars requiring more time and help to learn the knowledge and skills are provided additional opportunity. Additional complexity is provided to scholars seeking more challenge.   

The single pathway curriculum is designed to incorporate all the coursework/credits each scholars will need in order to meet the UC/CSU A – G Requirements. In other words, every scholar that successfully completes the curriculum will be eligible for entrance into any four-year university.